Starbucks New Cup – Who cares?

103151735-Starbucks_Red_Holiday_Cups_2015.530x298SIGNS OF CHRISTMAS ARE EVERYWHERE…ALREADY!

Christmas decorations are on display in stores and we are all beginning to think about the season coming up right after Thanksgiving.  Here is a thought about our witness as Christians this time of year…

I’ve recently seen a lot of news and social media coverage of angry Christians upset over the design for Starbucks’ new holiday cup—it’s red, just plain red.  Christians are up in arms because it is too neutral and it is offensive because Starbucks is ruining Christmas!  Every year there is a flurry of this kind of trash-talk from well-meaning Christians over any number of “examples” of corporate and social “destruction of Christmas”. PLEASE—LET’S JUST STOP IT!

Christmas isn’t about Starbuck’s cups or any other silly thing that one might perceive as a threat.  If any of those things were truly a threat to Christmas, that would mean that our Jesus is weak and meaningless—and he is most-certainly NOT either of those things!  Jesus cannot be reduced to any cultural icon or corporate ad campaign.  Let our witness be that Jesus Christ is Born—King of all kings and nothing in this world has the power to control him, reduce him, or take him out of Christmas.  Our witness must be that none of this silliness matters at all!  If you don’t like the new Starbuck’s cup, buy your coffee at Quik Trip.  Better yet, make your own coffee using fair trade coffee beans!