Merry Christmas!

Outside the Box ThemeDear friends in Christ,

It is Christmas Eve.  The big day is almost here.  This is the time that marks the beginning of a journey from birth, to death, to resurrection, that offers us the incredible opportunity to participate in God’s Story.  Around the world people of all denominations, races, genders, and social standing will celebrate tonight and tomorrow in vastly different ways.  This is the time that reminds us that we are all children of the Living God.  It doesn’t matter where we live, what we have, what color we are, or what church we attend.  We are all loved children of the same God.  What if our world could begin to think in terms of the things that draw us together instead of the things that drive us apart?  What if the message of Jesus’ birth, his sacrifice, and his triumph could begin to influence the conversations we have with others?  What if Jesus’ example for living could change the way we all behave toward each other and within Creation?  What if…?  Christmas to Easter…the cycle of God’s love manifest in our lives.  What if we actually carried this manifestation with us throughout every single day?  What if we saw God in the eyes of each person we meet and they saw God in us?  What if we began to see the world through God’s eyes and with God’s perspective?  What if God’s love really brought us all together and covered over everything that divides us?  What if…?  I pray you find the answers to these “what if’s” this Christmas.  I pray that you are able to greet the day with joy and the gatherings of your families are truly blessed.  I pray that you will welcome someone into your circle who may be less than joy-filled today.  I pray…because I ask “what if?”

Linda and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Pastor Don