On The Way to the Cross

The WaySunday, March 24, 2013
Passion/Palm Sunday

“On the Way to the Cross”

During our Palm Sunday worship services this year our music department presented a contemporary Easter musical during the early service and a chancel choir cantata during the late service.  We were also blessed by musical selections from our Chancel Ringers, our Youth Praise Team, and the Kingdom Kids Children’s Choir.  Everyone in attendance was truly blessed by these musical selections.  However, due to copyright law, we are unable to post recordings of these performance to this blog.

Prior to the concerts, the message was delivered as a drama performed by two men and two women from our congregation.  The script was written by Eddie James and Tommy Woodard, “The Skit Guys” and it is titled – “On the Way to the Cross.”  In order to share this message with you, I am posting a link to their video version of this script.  I hope that you are blessed by this drama and its perspective on Jesus’ Way to the Cross.


I pray that you will have a blessed Holy Week!